Moving Day

Don't you love when you are all ready to move to a new place and they hand you your keys early? My NEW home is all ready for you!
My new home Style Pie is where I will be from here on out. I do hope you will make the change with me and follow me on this exciting new adventure!

cracking open the paint pale!

Looking at the blog now, although I see how whimsey it kind of is, I am taking a different direction in the new space. Coming up with these colors was too tricky! So to ease the process I went to the one shop I knew I would find inspiration and grabbed items that, well, spoke to me. The gold tones, stones, and wood are literally the bracelet, and the pink is a lightened shade of this cute jacket. I am cracked open this color scheme over in the new space and it is so bright, easy to navigate, and still my favorite: cute. I am doing to do it, I am going to set a launch date! The new space doors will officially open on January 20th--just a week and a day from now! There is plenty to do, but like any project from the heart it's not even a question of worth it or not. :)

collection crush: packing the bags

I don't exactly recommend moving in January (brrr!) unless of course it is a cyber move which this is! My idea journal pages are getting filled with a great concept that I can't wait to focus my blogging around: style. It's my favorite topic to talk about, encourage, brainstorm over, and read about. I will pack up a couple features for the road like collection crush and DIY projects, and I will be adding a few more I can't wait to start sharing. Soon, very soon! (above picture source)

While I neatly pack up some things around here and crack open the paint bucket in my new space I may be a bit absent. But as soon as the new place is ready for visitors I will be sure and have a wonderful blog opening party!

my days are filling with inspiration!

Hello sweet bees, how have you been? I am in one of my inspired time to change things up a bit modes. I love these modes, but they usually mean I take a couple days (times more) away from my blog to get everything figured out. I think of this blog as my first studio apartment--super cute and filled with small collections I truly loved finding and putting together. But I also think that I am quickly outgrowing the space and it's time to find something a tad bigger (you know, where my domain and title match ;) ) So I am sort of packing up and getting ready to move over to a new space. Nothing is set up yet so it could be a couple weeks, but I will be sure and keep you updated!
Oh and I finally bought this set of pens I have been eyeing for awhile. They are pretty but are also distracting me with doodle time. Remember this post here on my 26 goals before 27? Well these are part of #16 now! How are your goals coming along?
It being the new year and all I wanted to share a list of things I am currently obsessing over just a tad. First, I really don't use this time of year to create resolutions because I set new goals or review past goals every day, it's more effective! So in place of resolutions I will share 5 things that I am working on and making a priority throughout the year. What are your 5 things?!

Thing #1: Goals! Goal setting is so much fun and with a new trick to make it feel more doable they just start taking on better life. I read a wonderful article recently about goal setting using an, "if, then" statement. For example one goal I have given myself is--If I say I am bored, then I will read an article, email, chapter, essay, etc. about business.

Thing #2: Blog! I love blogs. They can be whatever you need them to be for you, educational, inspirational, or your daily guilty pleasure. I am taking this wonderful e-course from elsie and it has really got me thinking about what it is I do here. I love having this space but I think it's time for a direction review. My darling sister has recently decided to move her blog to a new home with a fresh start, which also got me thinking--what is my actual focus here? How can I make it better? Yes and I will!

Thing #3: Entrepreneur! Here is a word that I am using in my vocabulary every day now. This last year was wonderful because things happened outside of my control giving me time for pause. Eventually I turned down what I saw as a traditional route and started day dreaming about more fun things. Those day dreams are turning into realities with a ton of hard work ahead of me of course!

Thing #4: Stylist! As a little girl I loved playing dress up, redesigning my bedroom (constantly!) and designing clothing lines. But as I got older I deemed these hobbies as frivolous even though I truly loved what they all represented to me. It has taken me close to 10 years to throw that frivolous notion out the door and take back a piece of me that I still love. You will see this word start to pop up more as I take my blog in a more defined direction and give myself the space to be a teacher of style. (with more photos!)

Thing #5: Love! Well I am pretty lucky over this one. I get to spend great time everyday with someone who has pulled me out of my shell, all the while loving what unfolds. I foresee some exciting things in the future, but in the everyday life my sweetie inspires the small things, the big ideas, and all that is found in the middle.

Here is to another wonderful and playful year!
Happy new year sweet bees! Here are six things I am crushing over for the month. For starters I always associate January with lots of white and soft winter colors like pale blue, honey brown, and gold.
I am in love with this little piece of love from old new again. One of my goals from the year is to add art to our humble abode, this would be quite darling over our mantel!

Classic lockets are always a favorite. This sweet one from jean jean vintage has such a romantic touch.
Coffee is always in season, especially during these chilly months! This literal coffee mug from Crate + Barrel would make the mornings a bit warmer. (update: this was sitting under the tree for me this year and is now what I start my mornings with!)

Who knew a toothbrush could be so cute?! These bamboo ones from Anthropologie are good for the environment and good for my counter. (and they tell you when to switch to a new one!)

Flats are easily worn in the summer, so how do you wear them in the cooler winter months? Pull out some grey and wool of course! I may need to snatch these bow topped flats up from Anthropologie for my feet.

I saved my favorite for last! After much hmming I decided I needed this ingenious course from Elsie of A beautiful mess: Blog Love! I bought this last month and have been swooning over every section. Her advice is packed full of inspiration. If you are a blogger I suggest getting a copy! I will write a review very soon.

day twelve handmade holidays: Thank You Notes

It's finally here, Christmas morning! I may be in my (late) twenties but I still can't sleep all through the night before. For those of you tearing (or gracefully opening) your lovely packages from friends, family, or loved ones this early morning here is a great post holiday project: thank you notes! These would also make for darling winter solstice or new years cards, with a different stamp of course.

step 1: Your ingredients: 8.5 x 11 card stock, bone folder (or dull butter knife), stamps, stamp pads, A1 sized envelopes (these fit a 3.5 x 5 card), paper cutter, and a pen.
step 2: Cut your card stock into two 3.5 x 10 pieces. Using your bone folder fold your card in half to create a 3.5 x 5 folded card.
step 3: Starting with my owl stamp and red ink, flatten your card to make stamping easier...
step 4: I stamped the larger stamp towards the top so the thank you stamp had plenty of space
step 5: Using my small thank you circle stamp I stamped 3 times re-inking in between each stamp

step 6: Using a fine tip brown marker I drew three lines down to make the thank you's appear as little pendants
step 7: Incorporate your stamp on your envelope. It will go through the mail just fine!
step 7: I stamped the owl in the middle of the envelope so my address could be nestled inside.
step 9: Write your return address on the back flap to give your front address more space.

THANK YOU for spending these handmade holidays with me, this has been my most favorite blog project to date! I will be spending some much needed time with family and my sweetie, but I will be back very soon with a New Year's Eve collection crush, a few updated goals, Six Sweets for January, and some other fun things for the new year. Happy Holidays sweet bees!