my days are filling with inspiration!

Hello sweet bees, how have you been? I am in one of my inspired time to change things up a bit modes. I love these modes, but they usually mean I take a couple days (times more) away from my blog to get everything figured out. I think of this blog as my first studio apartment--super cute and filled with small collections I truly loved finding and putting together. But I also think that I am quickly outgrowing the space and it's time to find something a tad bigger (you know, where my domain and title match ;) ) So I am sort of packing up and getting ready to move over to a new space. Nothing is set up yet so it could be a couple weeks, but I will be sure and keep you updated!
Oh and I finally bought this set of pens I have been eyeing for awhile. They are pretty but are also distracting me with doodle time. Remember this post here on my 26 goals before 27? Well these are part of #16 now! How are your goals coming along?

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