cracking open the paint pale!

Looking at the blog now, although I see how whimsey it kind of is, I am taking a different direction in the new space. Coming up with these colors was too tricky! So to ease the process I went to the one shop I knew I would find inspiration and grabbed items that, well, spoke to me. The gold tones, stones, and wood are literally the bracelet, and the pink is a lightened shade of this cute jacket. I am cracked open this color scheme over in the new space and it is so bright, easy to navigate, and still my favorite: cute. I am doing to do it, I am going to set a launch date! The new space doors will officially open on January 20th--just a week and a day from now! There is plenty to do, but like any project from the heart it's not even a question of worth it or not. :)

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