day ten handmade holidays: Gift Tags!

In addition to scheming up my gift wrap design at least a month before Christmas (like a real paper adoring dork) I can't forget about the gift tags! This old post are my tags from last year, kraft paper always seems to make it's round this time of year. Here are three tag ideas with my favorite print maker: rubber stamps.

step 1: you will need blank tags (of any color to your liking), festive holiday stamps, stamp ink (note: I use both pigmented and dye inks here because my paper can absorb both with ease), printed paper, paper cutter, double sided tape, pen. My printed papers can be found here.
step 2: for one tag I cut down some of the printed snowflake paper and added a sold piece to create a border. Using my do not open until Christmas stamp and some red ink I repeated the stamp for a full print.
step 3: for another tag I used a simple circle stamp and the plain white background for another printed tag. Both of my stamps I snatched up for just $1! (see the finished tags above)

step 4: for my last tag I started by stamping my white tag in the same repetitive pattern as the first one.
step 5: using that as your backdrop cut some printed paper and solid paper for the front using double sided tape to attach.
step 6: find a colorful pen to add your recipients name, like this sea foam sharpie :)
Now your gifts are ready for your handmade gift tags and just in time to slip them under the tree. (if that's where they are headed) Just two projects left, check in tomorrow for: holiday dinner place cards!

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