five for fall

My favorite five for fall!
1. double button jacket
2. leather belt
3. tall boots
4. whimsical scarf
5. spiced latte, of the pumpkin variety

This list tends to look the same each fall season. What is it about fall that is so totally wonderful and nostalgic?! Pulling my boots out of the corner in the closet is the best part; there might just be a few of these posts before October is up, I can't help it.

Also, today is me and my sweetie's partial anniversary (yes, we celebrate these things!) and this is her birthday weekend too! Her 30th I should add. There is a little something in the works, that is all I can say because I know she is reading this. Pictures next week of the sweet little details, I promise. I smell waffles (yum), happy friday little bees!

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