dream space

Ok...so I should be deciphering what words like "pro forma" mean since there is a section of it in my business plan, but instead I am day dreaming about future space! Having a studio/workspace has been a long time dream of mine. The beauty of what I am working on is that I may eventually have just that to go to every day. I want shelves and baskets for everything, racks and racks color coded, and the wrap station easy to use with frilly tissue + ribbon. This space may not exist even on launch day, but it is something to work towards!

Here are two spaces I adore, organized creativity is an oxymoron, but these ladies own it quite well!


  1. I love this ! The last picture is amazing. I love the lighting and the huge shelf!

  2. I can give you the stationery stand for a start....

  3. oh wow! i totally wish i could have a work studio half this pretty + organized! very inspiring.