jewelry box: personal collection

I have always loved accessories, the more bold the better! I don't remember when I started collecting, or making jewelry for that matter, so here are my 10 favorites in my current collection!

A more delicate collection
1. quartz: unknown 2. gold disc: theresa mink 3. pineapple quartz: amy wing
No. 1 was a good find years ago, one of those marked down, marked down again, and then marked down once more. I didn't leave it behind! No. 2 was my first jewelry buy on Etsy, I must wear it every other day. No. 3 was a holiday gift from my sweets and the designer is a dear friend of mine!

4. typewriter key: unknown
This was gifted to me by my darling sister-in-law just a day or two before her wedding. It is a vintage typewriter key!

5. turquoise: unknown 6. carnelian: local artist
No 5 was another one of those bold finds marked down way too much, needless to say I took it home with me. When I need something big to really stand out I put this on. No. 6 is handmade by a jeweler back home. I am terrible and don't remember her name, but every fall she would set up a booth on campus and I of course was always sucked in!

7. stone necklace: Thailand import
One of my most favorite shops back home is filled to the brim with jewelry imported from around the world. I had my eye on this stone necklace for over a year until finally giving in. It weighs over a pound, but I still love it too much!

8. pearl strand: vintage
While working for this fun lady, one day she brought in a bag full of vintage pieces and was kind enough to give me this strand of pearls. I don't wear it as much anymore, but the simple classic nature of them makes them a favorite.

9. rust beads: San Francisco
I probably have 5 necklaces in this style, and yet this is my all time favorite (don't tell the others). I found it in San Francisco's castro district, enough said!

10. turquoise: vintage
This gorgeous piece was my grandmother's. I know I am going to tell this story wrong, but in my mind she brought it back from the Navajo Nation in the southwest during the 1960's. My mom tells me she had a large collection of cocktail jewelry, so this piece fit right in! (mom, is this right?!)

What favorite things do you find you keep on collecting?

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  1. First, you started collecting jewelry about the age of 3 - mostly pink plastic strawberry shortcake motif. Around 4 you got into the real stuff - mine, and made it your own.

    Grandma bought the turquoise blossom necklace while visiting her sister in Texas and a side trip to the coast in the 70's. It was one of her very favorite treasures.