We are home sweet home from the lovely Kauai! I am not quite over the jet leg but that doesn't keep us from hitting the ground running. Not to worry, there are many photos to come this weekend! I thought that while being a beach bum I would be flooded with inspiration for the future, rather I was distracted by the pretty ocean and did not have a thought in my head. Now that we are home I am starting to daydream/plan for my personal future. Little secret: I spent the last year working on getting into graduate school for more direction. I got in just a couple days before going on vacation and happily turned it down to follow my heart. But following your dreams are scary, especially when I want to do so many things in one job. Maybe you can help me clarify!

My dream? I want a shop. I don't know if I want it here in Portland or online. I want to be a purveyor of style through jewelry, accessories, home decor, and vintage. Maybe some wedding components thrown in? See my confusion! Why not a fashion boutique? Because they are everywhere, and because most days even though I adore fashion, I adore the finishing touches more. Do you see something I don't?

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