thrifting 101: mix + match

Welcome to my fifth (and last!) installment in my feature thrifting 101: mix + match. Seems to me that the words "vintage" and "vintage inspired" have become hot commodity terms over the past couple of years. It is a form of recycled fashion and can save you some money but there always seems to be a popularity attached to collecting and wearing vintage and thrifted clothing. For me, it has always been about brining the past into the present and finding small details that work well with the more modern touches of my closet.

I live in a city crawling with urban trends straight out of the year I was listening to Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson's Spellbound album, on cassette tapes mind you! I do love that fashion is in the eye of the beholder but full head to toe vintage mixed from 3 decades can be a bit intimidating. So I tend to tone it down a touch. For me, the beauty in vintage or rummaging through a thrift store is finding things that maybe don't speak to the head-to-toe trends of local urbanites, but speak to your love for how fashion makes you feel.

I can never have too many black leather Mary Janes, slip dresses in nude shades were not all created equal, and the little black hand bag remains to get old. Most all trends are recreations of the past, so grab a piece that inspired the latest window display at Urban Outfitters and enjoy the story you get to tell about finding it, mending it, and making it your own.

My five basic tips
#1: classic black is always, well, classic
#2: start with the accessories, they will build your shopping confidence!
#3: it's rarely, if ever, about looking straight out of Mad Men, just be you
#4: if you love your finds, they will love you back
#5: not every trend was created for every person, pick and choose

There are many vintage collectors, writers, and sellers that present thrifted and vintage fashion in a fresh and exciting way. Two of my favorites are Dear Golden (<--such a sweetheart!) and Elsie Cake with Red Velvet Art (<---her darling name says it all)

And as always, have fun! Thanks for reading my first feature, it was fun to write and now I am itching to go thrifting!

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