Part I: Basement

My basement has become my new nesting ground. Here a place that conjured up just one word, "ew" is not so bad after all. After a little box stacking, labeling, and cleaning out I cleared a nice (white) wall I had no idea was behind all those stored tables and shelves and found a piece of my sanity. I found a useable table for a desk, a shelf for accessories, and best yet a permanent spot for taking photos all down there to begin with. Of course I will add some photos and cut outs to keep me motivated when I have to hang out in the basement, lucky I found an old cork board for just that purpose. Now that the business has moved out of my bedroom I am spending the rest of the day in my one-purpose room. I may need some more coffee to tackle cleaning out under the bed, I just might spend some more time in the basement instead.



  1. Yay! It's coming together nicely!

  2. Thanks! next step: photos. eek!

  3. You always loved being DownUnder --- pretty cool space