Oktober One

The rain came and brought fall with it. The air is just that much heavier and fuller for the fresh season; a season that has been my favorite since I could remember and still holds the top title. A close second would be late spring because of the blooms and the month of December for its biased gift giving. To celebrate this first day of the season there will be mother/daughter applesauce making and pumpkin spice baking, we may even brew up mom's famous apple cider. You can not have too many apples, then again I am a born and raised Washingtonian and am a little more then persuaded. Except that is just doesn't seem as much fun celebrated a season like summer with a day of avocado.

In crafty news I will be hosting a table at this months Crafty Wonderland at the Doug Fir on October 11th! For you local Portlanders this is a fantastic second Sunday of every month filled to the brim with handmade artists and their inspired creations. I will not be debuting anything new but have found some more pieces hiding in the midst of my studio like these earrings here:

& these too:
Check out my shop for some more things that have been tucked away all this time!
Happy Fall.

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