Autumn & Anthropologie

I left my humble city of Portland in the tail end of it's summer and arrived home last night to crisp autumn air. I enjoy the constant activity of the summer and it's abiding weather but my creativity tends to be peaked as soon as the leaves start to fall to the ground. Something about endless cups of tea, endless unfinished knitting projects, and what is left of my business getting pulled out of the closet, again. When I started making jewelry I just wanted to make and sell things. Nothing in particular just things that someone, somewhere would buy. I remember my very first sale on Etsy and how I felt as though I had made it. Not sure what I had made it to but I was there. Now it is two years later, several business names later, and I still see potential in every paper and fabric print I come across. I always give in in the end and this season is no different. I have been busy updating my shop over the past week and still have many good things to upload. I will also be attempting to turn my storage basement into an inspired studio. I think I can make it happen, perhaps I will document as I go.

Now this may not be related to my business but as the season comes into full spring I am daydreaming about this dress here and think I would be a more creative thinker with it on:
don't forget the shoes:
This would go so great with those fingerless gloves I started oh two years ago.

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  1. Ah, that is soooooo yooooou! What a cute outfit!