Oi, this whole get in shape/eat well/love your body stuff is rough. My creative blog is slowly becoming my place to vent and gloat a little about the past almost 7 weeks. It has become the highlight topic of my day and because it was not enough to talk about it I am now going to blog about it. I will say this, I have been putting this aside for years because patience was the one aspect I could not muster and here 7 weeks later feels like 7 days. When I first started with the detox I did not want to become one of those ladies that sleeps on her scale, measures her yogurt, or is seen measuring the calories in her fruit with the calculator handy. I am not as bad as this describes, but I have grown into a few new neurosis, I will not name them.

With the grocery store being a place of more temptation then satisfaction and the check out aisle magazines a blaring reminder of the body you won't have with your current purchase, what a contradiction! But we are not supposed to talk about it, and still most ladies have that one pair of jeans they are holding onto, from that better day they hope to crawl back into. Since I enjoy this writing venture and now have so much to say about the feat of body love and since I don't hush too easily I am writing a zine.

Details soon...


  1. Keep Going Forth Young Woman! AND yes, I have a pair of dry cleaned Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that have been in their plastic bag for ages and I will never give them up --- hope is always in the air! mum