Writer's Block

I've been writing on blank surfaces since I could hold a pencil. Not until a writing inspiration close to me told me a little secret: journaling is writing and you are a writer. Gasp! Well I had no idea. There is more to words then what is seen in the alphabetized aisles of any bookstore. My personal favorite is a tucked away corner in Powell's of zines, memoirs, local anthologies, and the sharpie revolution. I have taken to the mic for a few but more are held between journal covers in dark rooms and I often turn away to avoid a reaction when being read. Still when I get that one line down, that one I had been searching for tucked away between my fingertips and it somehow manages to crawl onto my page a surge of joy overcomes me, it is a tad addicting. I have been toying with a writer's blog for awhile now and think this is just the time for it, simply because it is. I am still stewing, but my dear four readers you will be the first to know!

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  1. Well, this was obviously written when you were only 24 years old. Now that you're a quarter century old --- you'll have more to say. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! love, mom