I spy with my little eye..

That was my favorite game as a child. I would like to say it was my mom's favorite too, but I do believe she was entertaining me. I still play it to this day, although it tends to be with grander items and those items are often on the other side of glass or attached to tags I can't afford. Case in point: the Lauren.
She would look prettier in my hands. And with a little preemptive birthday wishing it just might end up there. Bringing this blog to my next topic: I am turning 25 in a mere couple of weeks. 2. 5. Quarter of a century. Century! Now perhaps that is a little over the top, but for someone who is the "baby" of her family and who will always think of her eldest as being the very age she is about to turn it's a tad bizarre. Good thing I embrace bizarre and will find this new age a positive thing. I am throwing myself a nice little bash to celebrate and eat cupcakes. (and also so I may find a new dress, no shame)

In this past month of blog rest I have road tripped to San Fran (forgot to take pictures, sorry mum), hiked up some majestic waterfalls, utilized our back deck and it's adorning grill, and have not shaken my new diet/eating adjustments. There are so many reasons I decided to take it on, or take all of this sweet and delicious things out, and turning 25 was at the top of my list. Where as the details may not be necessary I am proud to say that I have dropped 7 pounds! For someone who's total goal is 20, that is a lot!

Few other benefits not noticeable to the naked eye:
* More energy
*Better sleep
*Food taste better
*Saving $$$
*Better skin, hair, and nails
*No more stomach aches

Although when asked what food I might try reintroducing in the future I shamelessly answered, "coffee". I am a northwest girl, I just can't help myself!

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