Dear so and so.

I have taken to letter writing; no one writes letters any more. The envelopes addressed to me in my little mail slot are typically from my credit card company, insurance, and the occasional electric bill. Now I may be misled but I am more then certain that they do not send their dear regards and more often then not do not sign off xoxo. In an attempt to fill the mail boxes of those that I adore with at least one sentiment for every three due dates I have begun writing letters. My letters may come in the form of a flat card, a side of a tea box with a good quote, or the torn pages of a journal entry and a new poem I may have been working on. So look for your letters, I only send my best. 

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  1. If my memory serves me, you used to get tons of little snippets in the mail from your adoring mum. Of course you were in college & away from home and she sent you little reminders from those who missed you and love you. So, the practice will continue --- kewl!