A Growing Trend

I am a native to the Northwest; the smell of rain, the thought of green hues, and the dripping scents of this place are in my blood. That and I think rain coats, clogs, and wool socks are trendy. A small piece of this land up here in its own corner is moss. What better memento then a moss garden at your fingertips? A growing inspirational artist by my side, Ciao Birdie, posted this just weeks ago and I have been in love with this small scale ever since.

In my most recent jaunt home where spring is still on the verge and winter has left a damp residue, moss has made its mark. In a northwest tradition and in attempt to bond with nature my mum and I planted our roots in counter top jars. I can't think of a better way to take in this Washington Sunday.


  1. i really want one. There is NO moss in colorado.

  2. "Moss over rock" (my little ecosystem is doing just fine, thank you very much. These were so much fun to create and even better when done with my DD.