Beauty in Bloom

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."
-William Shakespeare

I have been feeling spring as it continues to make its mark on these early days of April. My favorite part of the morning this past couple of months was watching the sun rise over the back of our house and somehow always managing to turn the sky pink. Daylight savings has a way of always knowing just when to rue it's ugly head, and the sky no longer welcomes me in hues of red. 

Now that spring is blooming the birds seem to have returned, at least to the trees that line our street and their song is blaring into my window as soon as dawn starts to breakdown. I can not get enough of it. Inspiration is coming on strong, in theory, I think this weekend I will finally apply some of these brewing thoughts to paper, but in the meantime I have these birds' songs to start my spring days. 

(photo of "hey there" greeting card by the talented Ciao Birdie)

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  1. I love Spring- I always feel as if a second chance is to be had when everything is new and fresh.
    Thank you for the image post as well.