Lucky Girl in Love: chalkboards

One trend that has been popping up all over for weddings no matter the season are chalkboards and I love them! They have a rustic meets home feel for your special day. They could be used to direct guests (ie. dance floor, dessert bar, guest book, photo booth), they can be table numbers, menu + bar signs, or even centerpieces! I especially love No. 3, this little chalkboard and drawer combination would be great for guests to write little words of wisdom and drop them into the box for safe keeping. And chalkboards could easily be put on your DIY list, whether you refurbish a board or buy chalkboard paint this project will save you plenty!

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  1. Your blog puts my blog to shame... I love how professional it always looks! OK I may be ready to team up with you now... Together, we will take over the world! MUAH