vacation mode

My sweetie and I are off! Where to? Kauai, Hawaii for most of the rest of this month! I can't believe it's already here. We started a travel jar, literally a glass jar we kept in the cupboard, and we each put $20 in it every week for the past few months. And now our slow saving is paying off big! And as I promised my sweets I am shutting the computer off and leaving it at home. For real. Don't worry, I still have a few things in store for my darling readers! Guest posts from both miss Rachel db and the dear Sara of Slim Arts, a wedding table DIY project, bee keeper vintage summer sale, a peak inside one of my personal collections, + and a 3-part collection crush!

When I come home it is all about the ideas in my journal I can't wait to come to life like everyday photos, a vintage shop revamp project, and new BeeTwixt accessories! But for now it is all about the beach, sunshine, and pineapple (and perhaps the new Martha Stewart Weddings that is in my beach bag).

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