happy (looong) weekend!

Off for a long weekend in the now sunny San Francisco! My mum + I are heading down for some bluegrass, visiting with dear family, yummy food eating, and if I can help it some vintage shopping and thrifting! San Francisco has to be one of my most favorite cities to visit. I feel it is the big sister to my home Portland. And I also wish I had this great oversized top for the trip, cozy and urban in one. You can buy the accessories in my vintage shop!

Have a lovely looong weekend! I will have plenty of pictures and new things for the vintage shop when I return. (I also want to secretly have coffee with Victoria of SFgirlbybay, too bad I don't actually know her!)


  1. See ya at the airport!!! I can't wait----love,mum

  2. I bet dad is already waiting in the car :)

  3. I could have used that sweater last weekend while we were rocking to the music..... Great times!