back to school: collegiate

It's been a few years since my college days, but I still remember this time of year sneaking up and the urge to fill up on fall sweaters, boots, and new books. I have my degree in social work, and although I am not working in this field I loved every moment of college! I didn't take nearly enough art electives, but the day I graduated from college I opened my first Etsy shop, hmm.

Books, books everywhere! I miss the big library where you could get lost in aisles of books and small tables for studying. These classics rebound with screen prints of chairs and sweet designs inspire me to recollect.

This collection is structured but fluid with warm fabrics and large ruffles. My dad always wanted a mathematician, but I think he loves his artists just as much! I may not be headed back to school, but maybe I can dress like it.

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  1. Where are these clothes from? I like them.

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    Lovely dresses cardigans.

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