saturday flea market: jewelry box

When I was a little girl my two favorite places to play dress up were in my mom's scarf collection and her jewelry drawer. It was the eighties and I do remember lots of long + big colored beads. I am not sure if that is really how it was but that is how I remember it. Come to think of it, now I have a jewelry drawer too! She would also on occasion pull out her mother's costume jewelry, there were several cotton zipped bags full of cocktail bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. I still have a few pieces of her collection. There sentiment outweighs the risk of wearing them but I love holding onto them all the same.

This collection was inspired by No. 3, I have had this listing saved to my computer for over a week now wanting to blog about it. Few words to describe how decadent and beautiful this piece is. Then I found No. 1, letterpress pendants! What?! Too amazing. Her shop is also chalked full of typewriter key necklaces and other neat vintage tokens. Do check Gwen Delicious out!

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  1. Yes, that was how it was -- and I have pictures to prove it. mum