going home to roost

I am heading home today for some much needed time with my whole entire family! A dear friend's wedding is bringing us all home, and that in itself is a rarity. I know my mom has the games for game night sitting on the dining room table, movie times picked out, and a fridge stocked full of anything we could want. Where is home? Bellingham, Washington! Odd name, I know. But it is a truly beautiful place. The city is nestled against a bay of islands and the north cascades mountain range; a true northwest delight. Plenty of coffee, sea air, farmer's markets, and bluegrass music.

I am looking forward to latte's at sunrise and sunset at Boulevard park. No. 2 is the coffee shop, and yes it is right against the bay's edge. Then there will be ice cream runs to Mallard's where they dish up flavors like basil, rose, cayenne cinnamon, and classic strawberry. But don't forget your stash of sweaters! Although we are battling the 90's here in PDX, Bellingham's forecast declares the medium 60's for the weekend. Being a northwest girl, that is what summer is all about. Mum, I'm a comin'!


  1. Me too, me too! And I'm looking forward to the summer warmth...it's only 53 degrees in SF!

  2. and I can't wait for all of you to arrive!