thrifting 101: accessories

Something I love about utilizing a thrift store is the cost, the creativity, and the story you get to tell when you wear your coveted find. For Bee Keeper Vintage I was in a different thrift store a couple of times a week and found that thinking outside of the box helped to narrow my search. This is a feature I have wanted to write for some time now, and am happy to be making it happen! This will be a 5-part feature on thrifting 101.

part 1: accessories
part 2: garments
part 3: housewares
part 4: cleaning your finds
part 5: mix + match

Today's thrifting 101 feature: Accessories! This category has become my all time favorite to search for. Sizing is a little more forgiving then garments and darling style is easier to find. The top accessories I look for are shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

My #1 rule? Leave modern at the door. What I mean by modern is if it looks like something currently on a rack at your local mall or the newest line from Target leave it on the rack. I do look for classic coloring, good leather, and great shape. Be picky with your selections and look for scuffs and tears, test the zippers and clasps.

Next look at the brand! After many trips thrifting I noticed that brands will often repeat themselves and often in bulk. Snatch up brands like dexter, hush puppie, Ipanema, meir + frank, atelier, and even vintage Coach. Sometimes a brand has been worn off in which case look for quality and shape.

Don't stray from what you know you already love. What I love about a thrift hunt is finding unique pieces that will work in well with what I already wear that may be brand new. (more on this in my part #5!) Don't buy a look, buy an addition to your look. Less is more! Accessories are a great place to start as they can be less intimidating to wear and a bit easier to pick out. Happy thrifting!

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