Bee Keeper Collection: in the studio

I don't like to catch myself when working at home in my robe past noon. Right about the time I switch from coffee to green tea and settle in for an afternoon of blogging, editing, and creating I try and make myself feel inspired with clothing + a bold accessory. I may not see anyone for the day, and maybe I will get a quick stroll in, but either way I like to look + feel like the owner of a vintage shop. Half the fun is playing dress up, right? (I have a feeling my mum is going to join in with some fun story telling soon...) Find each piece in my shop!

1 comment:

  1. Stories? I've got stories .....
    But, there never was any "play" dress-up for you my dear --- you were dressed up --- always! "Let's just say, I'm a princess -- Kay?" (love ya, mum)