accessories nerd

I am a total accessories nerd. No, really. It's stupid how much I enjoy even the mere presence of an accessory. Typically this means jewelry. I have it spilling out of cups, containers, and off plates, hanging around frames, and on the wall. The majority of it I don't wear, and still I have to have it displayed. My collection has become an art installation in itself and completes the top of my dresser, that one art print, and even its own home in a skinny shelf. I have this habit of growing close to one piece at a time. I will find myself wearing a favorite ring, a necklace, or wrapping a scarf around every outfit for weeks at a time. When its time has come I slip it back into is place in my installation and move onto the next thing. I find it is a refreshing way to revisit pieces that have been in my collection for years. This doesn't stop me from adding to the growing piles though, there is always something that I will find a way to get home.

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