Our first frost has hit and the fog not lifting in the wee hours of the morning means blue skies and very cold air are on the horizon, my favorite combination! The season has officially hit me. Although I am on top of the whole gift making/baking/and buying thing my throat is a bit soar today. No, no no. I can not, have no time for this, not an option to get sick now! Alongside the copious amounts of green tea, vitamin C, and happy thoughts I like to think I can kick this thing in the bud today if not sooner. I know, when getting a cold you should always rest! Try telling that to someone with a handmade fair looming in a week, a holiday party tomorrow evening, and of course Christmas in 20 days and counting. The show must go on!

I will be posting my newest find for the vintage shop very soon, although this one like all the others does happen to look so very at home in my closet.

Happy (don't get a soar throat like me) Holidays!

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  1. and yet, with all that you have going on you found time to update your blog --- You Go Girl!!!! Get Well Fast!