I fell back in love. (about time)

With myself, silly huh? Let me paint you a visual: the wall my desk sits up against is also the wall dividing me from the remainder of my paper jewelry line that has been boxed up in this very accommodating storage space for, oh, some time now. I have been saying (and writing) over and over something to this effect, "I needed to move on...it wasn't the jewelry, it was me...(and my personal favorite) I have other projects taking over my time." The last time I used that line on a good handmade friend of mine she simply asked, "If you are so over it, why do you keep talking about it?" And I simply shut up. 

One inspiring phone call to my brother later I found myself on my floor with my boxed up jewelry looking up at me and I dug in. I cleaned out, untagged, reorganized, and within this process found myself falling in love all over again. I am proud of what I created, and more proud of what I learned. I have been racking my brain for weeks now over what new hot thing I could come up with and make the rest of the world buy up. Until I opened the storage closet and brought my past back into the present and it hit me: you already have created a hot thing silly! It may be a couple days before the listings start trickling into my newly opened shop, but they are on their way. 


  1. Hey you should build a light box, its super easy and it makes picture taking 1000x easier! You can see mine on my blog: