Get Your B(uisness) On..

(Get Your Zen On, by: Me!)

I am not all too sure where this sudden surge of motivation stemmed from, but before I dare question its foundation I acted on its behalf. Two days and countless cups of green tea (ok, and black coffee) later I have re-opened my past from out behind that dusty storage closet. I rediscovered pieces I don't remember making and smiled at designs I remember spending excited hours completing. I have been walking around with intention attempting to create good juju towards this cyber space store front. Truth is, once I faced all I had been hiding from it was not only not so bad, it was refreshing, enjoyable, and worthy of a little attention. 

Introducing: SugarLand

In addition, I stumbled on this quirky article in the Etsy Storque today: Top 10 Signs it's Time for a Fresh Start. Just read it!


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