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While doing more work for my upcoming holiday show (some sneak peak pictures tomorrow!) I was thinking that I sort of take advantage each year that I have done many, many craft shows to date and the to do list doesn't take much to compile in preparation. But for my first holiday show (four years ago now...) I was a nervous wreck! I spent one whole thanksgiving day on the couch tagging jewelry for a show the very next day. I thought I should share a few tips that I still keep in mind no matter how many shows (holiday, or summer) I set up shop at.

tip #1: be cohesive. If you are selling one product in different colors find a theme with the way you present your crafty items. If you make a line made up of different things make sure they make sense on one table. If paper goods are your thing don't throw in a wrench like t-shirts.

tip #2: create a brand. This may sound intimidating but it's how your new customers find you, see you, and remember you. I throw my brand in with tags, fonts, a couple of the same colors, and even how my table is set up. Just be yourself, it's the most receptive!

tip #3: less is more. This tip is all about your booth design! Whether you pitch a tent or tables don't distract from your product. My booths are usually mostly all white with soft accents such as bamboo and clear vases. You don't have to be washed out, but let your product be seen! You may not always have access to lights or electricity. I always design a booth with that in mind.

tip #4: be you. You are your best asset because you made your product! Remember that no one knows your product like you. And don't slouch! I drag a chair along but I rarely if ever sit down, it's off putting to shoppers. There is already a table barrier between you and them, make your booth as cozy and comfortable as possible so they linger just a tad longer :)

tip #5: package it up. Let your customers remember the experience of browsing and buying from your table long after walking away. Bring your brand into your packaging. I make accessories that are quite small so tissue is important but the little sticker to hold it together dresses it up just enough. (there's more, but I can't share it yet!) Keep in mind your customers may only have a purse with them if anything, package your item so it's easy for them to store nicely before getting home.

Oh, and have fun, selling the goods your make is an unexplainable rush. Obviously, I am hooked!

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