recipe box: pumpkin bars

I love to bake, and even more then loving to bake I love to eat sweets! I think I get it from my mom, this whole sweet tooth, chocolate for breakfast (what?), looking at the desserts before dinner kind of thing. I have enjoyed baking since I was in high school, it was and is still a kind of meditation for me. It usually involves whimsical music (Billie Holiday) and melting chocolate which is truly an art. Around the holidays, and I consider fall a holiday, I really get the itch to bake and stir up warmth in the kitchen for my belly. I will be adding recipe box to my collections here to share with you my past favorites, new finds, holiday staples, and just those things that taste great. Side note: this is all about comfort food, but I will substitute oat and whole wheat flower, apple sauce for eggs, and raw sugar when possible!


  1. moi? Now really, those could (and will) be breakfast, lunch or/and dinner treats -- and sometimes in between, too. Yummy!!!!

  2. I knew you would understand! :)