can't get enough!

A few things in my everyday I can't get enough of! I went to sell a few things and clean out my closet (a seasonal tradition of mine) and came home with this lovely bag for fall + winter. Dark green compliments all colors from rust red and chocolate, to charcoal and black. I have it filled with my vintage shop cards, my sunnies (a.k.a sunglasses) I snagged for $5, a sweet love note from my sweet love, there is always a journal + pen, and an olive wrap for warmth!

Here are a few droplet pendants, I keep wearing the navy ribbon and lime pendant. I am so excited to start playing around with beads and stocking up little droplets for Crafty Wonderland. There will also be hair adornments, hat clips, feathers, and sash belts. Here's to a busy bee season!

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