thrifting 101: housewares

Welcome to my third installment of Thrifting 101: housewares! Just about every lady I know has a houseware she is always on the lookout for at the local thrift shop; from plate prints and particular brands, to bone china, and tea cups. A thrifted houseware can often look just out of the latest catalog from Urban Outfitters but comes home with you for a fraction of the price and the little story of how and where you found your most recent treasure.

I added tea cups to my bee keeper vintage shop last spring in an effort to introduce a little elegance to the more common vintage items like a pair of heels. My mom has a collection of tea cups she pulls out for company, and tea parties are still one of my most fond memories as a child. So what do I look for in other housewares?

#1: Theme. If you have a certain style you are creating at home don't stray away from it, enhance it! For example, I love displaying jewelry in unusual places such as tea cups, serving platters, or even hung on an old door knob screwed to the wall. These are a dime a dozen at any thrift store.

#2: Staying power. I have always loved lots of white space and less-is-more designs. I typically leave the retro prints at the store and grab those with gold leafing, singular floral prints, and sterling silver. These elements are not only already in my home, they are a part of my style and that means they will fit in for time to come.

#3: Makeover-ness. On a tight budget adding artwork, frames, wine glasses, and vases to your home can leave your wallet with a sad face. Look for items that with a coat of paint, new wood stain, or fresh fabric can be new again. One of my favorite things I own is a vintage step stool that is cracked and not much good for standing on. But with it's grey stone cracked paint job it takes rustic to a whimsical place and fits right into my home.

#4: Big stuff too! This post is more so about the smaller houseware details such as platters, mason jars, and old frames; but don't over look the big stuff such as coffee tables and desk chairs. These days I settle for Ikea furniture prices over quality wood in an effort to save money. Thirfted furniture won't cost you much and is typically better made! All-wood dressers, old rocking chairs, and hand crafted coffee tables won't fall apart like the budget saving items in Ikea and with a little paint and new knobs can look brand new!

I hope if nothing else this is taking the edge off the daunting and cramped aisles of a thrift store. Look for opportunity and try to see the big picture. Happy thrifting!

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