thrifting 101: garments

Welcome to the second installment on my newest feature: thrifting 101! Today's post is about choosing garments. For my vintage shop I had to be particular in respect to age. But when sifting through racks of any second-hand and thrift shop I always issued myself a challenge to pick up garments I may normally ignore and find the little details that still hold modern appeal. For my own closet I tend to leave things that are just a year or two old and look for those garments that have been hiding in someone's closest for maybe even decades.

Garments can be a bit tricky because sizing today is not what it used to be. Look for fit and ignore the tag size because a size 14 in 1962 may be a size 4 today. Know your measurements (bust, waist, hip, and sleeve length) write them down and keep them in mind especially when looking for dresses, skirts, and pants. My first garment purchases were less intimidating to purchase and wear such as slip dresses + wool peacoats.

The next thing to keep in mind when choosing clothing is material! Most of what you will find in tact is polyester, nylon, and wool. Be aware of stains on these fabrics and holes away from seams as these two things are difficult to mend. I also found that polyester is one of the hardest to clean that lovely thrift smell out of! If you are lucky you will stumble on silk, cotton, and embroidered lace, snatch these materials up as they are probably better made.

My last tip: stay true to you! If your style is not the head to toe thrifted look don't force it. You can find beautifully made clothing that will fit right in with what you already love to wear. Such as an old cardigan with new jeans, a vintage dress with a modern belt, or thrifted heels with a modern suit. The best part is telling the story of how you came across your now most coveted find when someone asks, "where can I get that?!"

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