5 things I adore

We all have those few things we surround ourselves with or that we can't help but pick up over and over. These are just 5 things that I truly adore!

No. 1- Vintage dresses have always held a place in my dream closet along with impractical heels.
No. 2- My mom has the sweetest collection of tea cups just for special guests and our grown up tea parties. Now I have a few in my vintage shop!
No. 3- I plan on wrapping up my BeeTwixt packages with chocolate bakery twine.
No. 4- Floral hair clips have always had a place in my hair. I started wearing them to feel more summery in cold northwest weather and now they have a new life all their own!
No. 5- And last, either rust red or turquoise beaded necklaces, I love how they feel mixed with a plan white t-shirt.

What are 5 things you can't help but adore?

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