garden party

Somewhere on my very long list of things to do in my life is hosting an all gal garden party. I imagine soft + floral dresses, parasols, iced tea, lemon cake, and fresh greens. An old picnic table, white linens, and little jars of fresh lavender. My dear sister-in-law (and my dear brother) live in the heart of San Francisco and are lucky to have a small enclosed garden off their apartment. I have often envisioned my little gathering in their backyard. Seeing as we are in very different cities could pose as a problem, but a girl can dream!

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  1. OR on a large deck with fairy lights and the sounds of nature surrounding the scene. I see your linen topped table with dozens of little candles in Mason jars and a scattering of flowers centering this wonderful display. Serving each guest with an evening tea in a mix of colorful tea cups and tiered glass plates filled with iced cakes and yummy desserts. Opps, that's my garden party dream. Sorry, you took me away to dream land for a moment there.......