5 things in my day

I may lust after many things from shoes and hair accessories, to weekend getaways far from home, but these are a few of my daily staples. Every gal has them, I am sure if it.

1. the little black dress: rarely worn, but it always looks nice and who doesn't love not having to worry about picking out matching tops and bottoms?
2. the brown boots: I have had a similar pair (these are my dream pair) for over 5 years. The soles are practically falling off and still I love putting them on.
3. fresh coffee: morning, noon, and late afternoon.
4. a journal: I must have a journal for every idea in my head! Yet writing things down by hand can never be replaced with this keyboard. As much as I like the clicky noise.
5. a wrap: summer or winter I tend to grab any scarf to add color, pattern, and sometimes warmth to the day.

What are your 5 daily staples?

1 comment:

  1. List: ice water, REI downy booties, hoodie, a camera, journal and favorite pen (opps, is that 6? I'll take 6 for 500, Alex)