tea for two

When I was a little girl my mom and I would have tea parties. She would buy perfectly iced petite fours from the local grocer, then set up a picnic blanket, tea, and those treats on her bedroom floor and walk down to my bedroom and formally invite me. She would close the door so "the brothers" couldn't interrupt, and she and I would have our girl time. I don't remember our conversations but I do remember sweet pink icing and feeling so very special. I may be in my twenties now but every now and again I think about inviting her to one. Just us girls of course.


  1. Thats awesome, I had no idea she did that! I think she did something special like that for each of us, I remember her taking me on our annual Dec 26th shopping day, I thought it was so cool it was just the two of us!

  2. Wonderful memories! We'll have to "go to tea" when you head north next time --- a one on one with a little pot of tea to share along with the great conversations. love ya, mom