Love, Dior

I keep a book of a Dior collection on my desk. Flipping through the pages makes my mouth water. The book is a collection of gowns that were on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York years back. The collection spans the 1950's, pure and perfect. Each day that I venture into my work I think about that book, design, style, and its relevancy today. Is what I am collecting and cultivating visible? Is it important? I like to think yes because I love it so much!

I also spend most of my days & nights thinking and jotting down notes on my newest quest to re-brand this small business: Bee Keeper Vintage. The business itself still being a new project has quickly become a daily high note and the topic of many conversations if you were to run into me. I have loved the romance of vintage for many years. Something about wearing history and creating your own story at the same time that still catches my breath, like an old movie you have to watch in black and white. The easy part is rummaging through thrift spots and estate sales for those things that make me giddy. The hard part is finding others out there that get just as happy as I do over, say, words like chiffon, clutch, and pearl.

Like I said, I am in the process of re-branding my idea into a full spectrum vision. Using color, word choice, and consistency to convey my sense of style and well, brand. I am also collecting inspiration from those that have come before me. Virtual acquaintances are quickly becoming my guru's. So thanks to all those who do what they love, write about it, and keep the energy flowing. You are my daily motivation.

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  1. Oh I see Hollywood contacting you for that new movie: Leda and Dior!