a little reminder

I took myself for a morning jaunt, something I do not give myself enough of. Alright, so there was the pleasure of hot coffee on one end of this jaunt but it got me out of bed and into the wet streets of Portland. The rain came down most of the night leaving droplets hanging onto their respectable branches, blooms are starting to peak + birds were being their charming selves. This is also the time I grant myself for some thinking. Now being a blog writing, creative business owning gal I over think as it is. What to write about? What to bring into the shop? Where to take out ads? How to network? What is this all worth? Phew, too much over thinking, I think. Still as I am reminded to keep calm and carry on I know patience and constant dreaming will lend a sturdy hand on the long stretch. Because where am I going really? There is no where to "be" just a constant state of creative happiness.

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