a little inspiration

1. find prints that make you swoon. I chose some from the lines of Nook + Pantry from Basic Grey, & the new Cosmo Cricket: Material Girl.
2. cut + puzzle
3. play around with colors that compliment but don't overwhelm the eyes
4. this is my little work nook, and I am always sitting here
5. find a place that will grab your attention

This is a project that has been in the works for a while now. Although when I say "in the works" I mean it has been brewing in my thoughts. I love, love, love paper! The sorts of textures + prints are endless and seeing as fabric intimidates me a tad, paper is the perfect anecdote. Odd I know to be intimidated by fabric with my sort of work, but I am. When I need a boost of creativity I turn to paper. This board idea has been in my thoughts and I finally made it real. The whole idea was to create a board that would not only inspire but create direction. It is my board of intention and goals for the year ahead and I will slowly fill it as things fall into place, or fall into the board.

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