Hobbyist or Business Lady?

The phrase, "business endeavor" seems to be popping up all over these past couple of days. Within my family, at the day job, and in my circle of friends. Being on the cusp of taking my business from hobby to business is bringing forth a lot of questions I don't have answers to. Then I realized I am surrounded by brilliant home-business people all doing it out of love for their craft and having their personal kitchen next to the office. So I started setting up meetings, and making phone calls. These may be friends but they are also my network and it is time to get down to business.

I do love working from home; constantly thinking of ideas for the blog, never getting tired of seeing my new friends at the post office, and creating little thank you cards for each box that gets wrapped up. I do not get to work from home full time and can't help but believe it is a far out there idea to be my full time reality just yet. It feels like a leap every time I pick out something for the shop and I always have a little buyer's remorse when I don't know if what I picked was wise or not. Still I want to box up 5 orders a day. That is my 'out into the universe' goal. Big goals call for big risk taking. I am within my comfort level of spending money on the business, selling about once a week, and slowly collecting. This comfort level seems more like a hobby then a business. How do I take it from small time on the side to I get to do this everyday? Perhaps it is as simple as just doing it, everyday. I never should have gotten rid of that magic 8 ball from 8th grade.

Until the answers appear before me I will be forever a fan of the Quit Your Day Job series on Etsy. Good job all of you, good job.


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