Home sweet home is really home sweet home shared by three room mates and one cat appropriately named Sleater-Kitty. As a handmade artist and vintage inspired business lady I am constantly struggling with space. Not just having enough space but having space that encourages me, can accommodate the inevitable mess of tape and ribbon, and of course still look like a home. I share a lovely house in which I have the smallest room. I love my room, but my business endeavors and growing scarf collection are getting more room then my sanity. I have decided to move my business to the basement. Now hold on, it is actually a nice space! Minus the low ceiling and poor lighting, it could just be my refuge. I am going to dive into spring cleaning a couple months ahead of schedule and make this unused space refreshing and a home to my sanity.

Then (yes, then) I am going to paint my room, clean (and by clean I mean recycle) to the point of minimalist, and get back to being a girl that has a home to come home to.

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