House of Dior

The beauty that has always drawn me to pieces of the past is in their ability to transcend today effortlessly. There is no iconic fashion label or revolutionary invention of fabric that doesn't appear to be a reinterpretation of what already was. Fashion, like history, is ever repeating and this is what I love about the term vintage. Something may be from a previous generation but it can easily find a home in our new age. My personal style has often been referred to as "contemporary bohemia", so when I stumbled on a book that followed a collection showed at the Met in New York I was not too surprised that everything I loved was from the House of Dior. Although Dior himself did not live to see past 1957 his dresses of those last few years and beyond are my favorite he ever inspired into creation.


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  1. Ah, I'm not surprised. These creations just have Audrey Hepburn written all over them.