I am not an old soul to this handmade life, but I didn't just arrive either. Over the past few years of yearning to create, sell, re-create, re-sell, I found that keeping it the same has been difficult. I like change! And I don't think I am the only one, in fact I think that one thing most handmade artists share is that they love that change will always come around, especially if provoked first. For myself loving the change in the air has been a tad detrimental. Changing too much, too swiftly has led way to many new beginnings and that makes me feel like the newcomer.

My newest project: Bee Keeper Vintage feels like the first few months of that first endeavor, I wake up at the peak of dawn anxious for another Etsy filled day and get butterflies with the direction I want to go. So, when this excitement fades just a little how do you sustain that excitement that motivated you to inspire your idea in the first place? I don't really have an answer, so in the meantime here are a few bejeweled pieces in my shop that I just adore.

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  1. The excitement is just buried below all the other current excitements you're entertaining. It's still there. Maybe try something different with the same idea. New photos (your new photos are totally AWESOME!) a different item to add to the shop (scrafs, hats, slips, etc.) When your new excitement is so high right off the bat -- it would be hard to sustain that level for an extended period of time. Just a mommyism. :)