the art of doing too much.

Ask any entrepreneur what they did on their day off and they will look at you as though they don't understand the question. First, define "day off" as a day at home where the business lives is typically not filled with hours of laying on the couch, unless the computer lays with you while you inevitably work. Here it is Sunday morning and I slept "in" until 8. While the rest of the house sleeps away the breaking dawn I couldn't sleep more if I tried. I revel in the stillness of the first few hours of the day when there is such subtle simplicity around this new day and all the things that can happen. Granted this does come with a cup of coffee for a sidekick.

What is doing too much? Rest is healthy for sanity and yet I feel a bit crazed if my day does not consist of working on my craft(s), reading for book club, writing here, cooking, or sometimes the occasional run (northwest weather permitting).

Are the handmade lifers of today the same as yesteryear? Etsy is making a "this is not your Grandmother's art fair" statement. The favored handmade + vintage site has taken the word artisan away from associations with doilies, quilt making, and beaded bookmarks and shown international talents that seem to average out as the young people. Yet the majority of my family (partner included, more on that later!) have shops on Etsy, hold down annual booths at varying artisan fairs, and are shipping boxes of their work to many corners of the globe; all doing so from the comfort of their dining room table.

I am ever inspired by the Quite Your Day Job series on the Etsy Blog and work everyday towards making this glee I have on my "day off " a daily experience. And I wouldn't take away a single one of my "too many" things to do.


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  1. Very well said! Although, try 4:00 am and just see how quite it is -- LOL Nice!