The personal closet rivalry.

A 70's Coach is better off with me.

There is just one small problem with creating a vintage shop: selling. I hand pick each and every detail I hang up in my shop and for good reason! I love everything I find or that I have had in my own collection for many years now. Boxing them up and sending them off into the world is bitter sweet. Just recently I found this adorable 70's era Coach in another's vintage corner stall on one of my favorite streets in Portland and I sort of held it a little too tight. That's when I knew letting it go could be a small problem. After just "seeing" how my things fit into it I surrendered and hung it up in my own closet. As my love retorted a bit later in the day, "this is going to become an issue, isn't it?" To which I replied with a long stare.


  1. Is that bag buttery soft leather? If so, I think I had one in a light tan in 1969/70. I loved that bag! Good find and the right decision.

  2. Yes, it is so soft!I can't let it go, it's just too good.