A little crafty is better then no crafty

Today is the monthly Crafty Wonderland at the local Doug Fir. I will be selling these lovelies above and a few other trinkets and treasures. If you are a local Portlander then I don't need to regale you with how awesome the venue is when it is packed to it's rim with local handmade artisans and crafitistas. If you are not local to Portland, you are missing out. However I bet if you look around your fair city you will find something very similar. Sundays used to be all about the morning coffee and paper, or sleeping until noon and finding a way to make your pajamas part of what you wear the rest of the day. So if you are around town bring yourself and your just rolled out of bed Sunday clothing for some handmade good times. And the beauty of a monthly show: there is always November.

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  1. Cool! But, I gotta tell ya, those vintage looking string of soft white pearls look like Audery Hepburn's. Good find!!!