Hear here

A lovely collector of some of my previous jewelry popped up a couple days ago looking to collect some more. I have done this many, many times in the past. I start an idea, indulge in the high feeling of crafting, marketing, selling, and then the moment the marketing trumps the amount of creative ideas rolling in I stop. Dead to the crafting world. Although my back may be turned I can still hear the hustle and bustle of handmade artists crafting, gabbing, blogging, and of course simply creating this movement I fell in love with in the first place. Yes handmade community, although I have tried I have not gotten over you. 

In rummaging through the old to find the pieces my admirer had ordered I found the effort I worked up to be spilling all over my bedroom floor. From the old jewelry tags to the new and the old designs to the present. It even gave me that old stomach flip. I may not be back, but I am not giving up. I will repost older work I have hiding out in the closet, and post the ones that never got their photo taken.

I do not feel the pull to stay within the confines of jewelry but will use my current shop as my home to place what ever I may come up with.

Check out my re-listed items here.


  1. Oh I hear you on the roller coaster of crafting. My inspiration and time management seem to get lost every now and then. Ive tried to keep things up and running alas it is often frustrating. It does make me smile when you make stuff so keep at it!

  2. Ah I think this is growth! You can keep and let go at will. You're just making room for those other creative ideas to take center stage for a while. WTG!

  3. BTW- have you check out that Etsy shop you have posted at the top of Shop Therapy? She's got the most adorable tan leather purse. Just wanted to share and enable your shopping experience.